Greece’s renewable power plants have produced enough electricity to supply the country’s entire power demand over a straight five-hour period on Friday, October 7, new data shows.

According to statistics released by the Independent Power Transmission Operator (ADMIE), the output of Greece’s renewable power fleet reached an all-time high of 3,106 MW and exceeded the system’s net load capacity between 1100 CET and 1600 CET on October 7. The record data was also announced by Nikos Tsafos, the chief energy adviser to the Prime Minister of Greece.

ADMIE’s president Manos Manousakis hailed the milestone in a LinkedIn post, pointing out that Greece needs to address critical issues to support the greater penetration of renewable energy. According to him, the country must deal with projects that have been awarded grid connection permits but are still not constructed and also provide additional workforce for the connection of new capacity “in a timely manner.”

Greece aims to have 25 GW of renewables in operation by 2030 under its recently updated National Energy and Climate Plan. Its previous goal was for a renewable energy fleet totalling 19 GW.